What to do when the trains leave you stranded

Hallo, I am back at home! And never been more happy to be home! This is a Europe/Germany-specific post, as we have had the second major episode of widespread train disruption (nearly half the country) within four weeks thanks to weather here in Germany, and this time, I was well caught in it. I'll post …


Haiku No.2

Late sun in autumn so hot and sparkling at sea shiny ships await you

Visiting Sites on the West Bank of Luxor, and other Luxor Favourites

Luxor Airport was really small, and honestly, not much to shout about. A lot of Nile Cruise tourists would arrive in Hurghada by charter flight. So, forget about public transport from Luxor Airport to the town centre - a taxi it was, and the first shock of haggling a decent price, because as a tourist …